From One Generation to Three

Albert and Margaret Bryant, parents of John Bryant, purchased the present day home farm at a sheriff auction during The Great Depression. Albert worked at a bank in Washington Court House, Ohio, where he eventually finished his career as president of the bank.

John started farming 258 acres in 1958 with the help of his mother and father. He was able to pursue his career and expand the operation in order to make room for his two sons, Mike and Mark, who also chose to make farming their careers.

Bryant Agriculture Enterprise, a family partnership, was started in 1988 to help achieve the same goals of John and Patsy, Mike and Christy, and Mark and Kim. Several benefits of a partnership were soon realized such as the consolidation of the accounting books and the sharing of labor and machinery. As the third generation began to take interest in the operation, separate entities were formed in order to allow Mike and Christy, and Mark and Kim's children to have equal opportunities to be involved. Although agriculture and the family members who take part in the business may change, the operation's goals have stayed the same. We strive to treat everyone that works for us or with us like they are a part of our own family. Likewise, every acre we farm is meticulously maintained the same as the ground we own.

We live on and create a livelihood for many families from the land we farm. We must take care of the land so that we will have the ability to pass it on to the next generation; be it our family or our landowners' families. Land is one of the most important resources in the world and at Bryant Ag Enterprise we strive to keep it as maintained and productive as we possibly can.

Home Farm 1961 
Home Farm 1972
Home Farm 2009