The Executive Summary

With long-term sustainable growth as the ultimate objective, Bryant Agricultural Enterprise is founded on honesty, integrity, landowner and employee relationships, and maintaining a family environment which will allow us to leave a legacy for future generations. While striving to produce high-quality products, profitability is a vital part of Bryant Agricultural Enterprises to maintain a high standard of stewardship to leave for many generations to come.

Since Albert Bryant purchased the land in a sheriff’s auction during the Great Depression, for his son John, it has since developed into a third generation, modern-day farm operation looking to expand in years to come. Bryant Agricultural Enterprise will strive to actively grow our business in an efficient, profitable manner. Profits will be used to reduce debt, ensure business stability for future growth, and make sure employees have a fair standard of living as they are a key component of our profit and success. We are striving to grow a business that can be shared amongst the farming family and with future generations.

Landowners are our top priority. We consider it a privilege to be stewards of their land. We strive to maintain a prosperous relationship that not only benefits our landowners by providing a fair return for their assets, but also cultivates pride in their association with Bryant Agricultural Enterprise. In addition, we have surrounded ourselves with outstanding advisors, including lawyers, lenders, crop consultants, and regulatory officers. We strive to treat every relationship with the highest respect knowing each plays a large role in the success of Bryant Agriculture Enterprise.
We seek profit-based expansion, not expansion for the sake of growth.

Bryant Agricultural Enterprises is capable of holding 100% of grain in storage and grain bags, if necessary. We use forward pricing and options for most of our crops, depending upon market price, crop conditions, and breakeven price.

In the years to come, we expect to increase the size of our operation through continued expansion, but doing so in a positive way that our reputation of integrity, honesty, and hard work are not diminished.
Success will be measured by continued increase in operating profit, maintaining operating efficiency, consistency in our working capital, and providing a well-run business for our landowners, employees, family, and ourselves.

Bryant Agricultural Enterprises is very proud to be involved in such an ever-changing industry and have the ability to evolve as it changes. Through wise planning, excellent financial management, valuable experience, and the motivation to succeed, we move forward with confidence in our ability. “Other things may change us, but we begin and end with family.”


Vision Statement

To grow and develop our family operation by building strong relationships with family, landowners, employees, and our community, to ensure profitability for all.


Mission Statement

Bryant Agricultural Enterprises will profitably expand our operation through honesty, integrity, and hard work, leaving a legacy for future generations. Our farm will maximize operating efficiencies to help us make the most precise environmental and economical decisions for optimal crop production in years to come. We will continue to sustain strong family, landowner, and employee relationships while maintaining our reputation in our community.


Information Technology

Managing information has become an essential part of today’s business environment. As our business continues to grow and develop, information management becomes a very vital step in the growing process.

To maximize operating efficiencies, we are currently using John Deere Agricultural Management Software and RTK signal guidance for our machines in all aspects of the field operations. Swath Control Pro allows us to cut input costs, save fuel prices, and save time in the field by minimizing overlap of the spray, planters, and drills. Also, by our operation utilizing Auto-Steer in all our machines, we ease the minds of our operators over the long hours. This allows them to take the pressure off of steering and concentrate on being as efficient as possible in the task at hand, whether it be spraying, planting, tilling, or some other in field responsibility.

We have developed a website to advance our operation forward. This allows us to connect to our landowners more easily and make ourselves more open and accessible to them and outside partnerships.

We utilize GPS and GIS accuracy to record and monitor soil fertility, yield from year to year, and different inputs for our operation.

To bring everything together, we use Granular, a new farm management and analytics platform. Granular brings all of our agronomic, operational and financial data in one place. With Granular, we're able to replace manually updated spreadsheets, and our entire team uses the mobile app to work and collaborate more efficiently.